IDLE SLIDE GLOVES is a skater owned and run UK slide glove company, based in and around London. From slaying hills to rippin up the city streets, we push to produce products that can not only take the heat, but look gnarly as f@%k too.


We started back in 2013 with a project, the aim to create a family brand that solely focused on slide gloves. To make gloves that stand out from the crowd, inspired by 80’s and 90’s graphics and skate culture.  It’s what we grew up on and still love to this day. So we rolled with it.


Since we started with nothing more than a dream, we have grown into a small family of riders across the UK and Europe.  Hitting up longboard events, supporting the scene and spreading the stoke everywhere we go. Life is too short, so do what you love.


They say that skateboarding is the work of the devil, well we love the work the devil makes.


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